Sustainability & Responsibility

“TAP always conducts its business as a good corporate citizen, and is fully aware of our roles and responsibilities to the community, society and country. We adhere strictly to local regulations and support various activities and projects that benefit the public and lead to sustainable development. TAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, categorized under 3 pillars, are as follows”


TAP road to net zero

“TAP Road to Net Zero” marks the beginning of the company's goal of becoming a Carbon Neutral Organization by 2030. The mission is fully integrated with the environmental strategy on the 4Rs (Reduce, Replace, Remove and Report), which is in line with TAP's commitment to conduct business with responsibilities toward society and the environment under the sustainability mission called “Brew a Better World”

TAP’s Brewed by the Sun : Dashboard

TAP’s Brewed by the Sun


proud to be green

TAP gives precedence to preserving nature, saving energy and managing leftover materials by implementing a “Water for Life” project. The project involves a research on improving the efficiency of our brewery’s wastewater treatment following the Royal Initiative of His Majesty the King’s nature-by-nature conservation approach, in collaboration with The King’s Royally-Initiated Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project, Kasetsart University. The project also includes a research on the efficacy of using wastewater sludge as organic fertilizers.


Numjai Thai Asia

An ideal society is one where people can live in decent, environment-friendly and safe communities that are supported and managed by qualified human resources. Thai Asia Pacific Brewery emphasizes on every aspect particularly on human resources development. Many educational support activities have been initiated including the TAP Scholarship which supports higher education, English training, the Namjai Thai Asia Library, book donations, and school renovations.

Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly

TAP runs a "Drink Responsibly" campaign to promote responsible drinking by actively informing and encouraging people not to drive if they are under the influence of alcohol as well as discouraging underage drinking. The "Drink Responsibly" campaign has continuously been implemented through various different activities, for example, providing on-site alcohol testing services at major nightspot areas such as RCA, Thonglor and Sukhumvit, and co-operating with government agencies such as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in the "Don’t Drive Drunk", a project that offers people who drink to call for cab services to send them home by dialing the 1555 hotline. TAP also promotes the "Drink Don’t Drive" campaign in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces during the festive seasons including the Songkran festival and New Year holidays.

To discourage underage drinking, TAP has joined hands with the Excise Department, Bangkapi District Office, the Thai Retailers Association, and Thailand Foundation of Responsible Drinking to promote the "Underage Drinking Campaign" and create awareness among retailers that selling alcohol beverage to young people under 20 years of age is prohibited.

Computer donation to support digital skills

Drink Responsibly

TAP Group is supporting education for youth by providing computers to support digital skills, improving the quality of life of communities around the brewery and following its concept of “Brewing a Better World”

TAP Group is helping communities achieve ‘Best-In-Class Quality’ by supporting students and schools around the brewery under its strategy of Brewing a Better World.” The company gave 36 computers and equipment to improve computer labs in schools ensuring that these learning facilities allow students to improve their digital skills.

Growing with the community has become the main goal at TAP Group under a framework of responsibly running a business that is focused on the environment, society, and communities by supporting education.

However, students remain at a disadvantage given the shortage of learning facilities in schools despite being granted scholarships. So this year, TAP Group is prioritizing all-around educational development by granting a total of 36 computers to two primary schools, Wat Lak Khon School and Ban Ratniyom School, in addition to the Sai Yai Sub-district Administration Organization’s Child Development Center, to further support the digital and technological skills of youth. Together with the computer donations, TAP Group helped to enhance the school’s computer room by providing chairs and wall fans to Wat Lak Khon School. In the future, TAP Group may support training by company staff to educate the community.


Drink Responsibly

TAP Group is committed to continuing its betterment initiative “TAP Skill Bus” to empower new generation nearby the brewery. The project gets underway with an educational roadshow seeking to promote sustainable environmental consciousness, including health and safety among elementary and high school students in Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi province. Such as Wat Plai Klong Khun Sri School, Ratniyom School, and Chumchon Wat Rat Niyom School. TAP Group aims to encourage new generation to concern and care for the environment and how to keep themselves from road safety in their daily life. TAP Group is confident that the project will help create a quality of life guided by the “Brew a Better World” ambition that keeps continuing for 25 years.

The activities under “TAP Skill Bus” consist of 3 main topics that relate to daily life such as:

  • Protecting Water Resources: Starting from water production process, factors that caused wastewater, Wastewater production rate of one person is equivalent to 126 bottles of water per day, methods for handling or treating wastewater, including ways to use water wisely.
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions: Reiterating the factors that caused global warming which is the main issue that our world is facing nowadays. The effects from global warming, and how to reduce the occurrence of global warming in our daily life.
  • Promoting Health & Safety: Emphasize the road safety concerns and knowledges that new generation could apply in their daily life. Such as how to behave while walking on the streets, crossing the road, and reminds on the safety signs that are useful and practical in daily life.

TAP Group believes that these valuable knowledges could help cultivate the new generation to be more responsible to the environment and society. In addition, to be part of helping the new generation to grow up as a quality adult. They would also be able to help develop our society and community for the better future.

T-Ver : Forestry

TAP Road to Net Zero: Forestation

TAP has recently achieved in carbon credit registration for the "TAP Road to Net Zero: Forestation" project, as part of Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program or T-VER, which is certified by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). This project aims to secure carbon at 46 tco2e/year in average as a part of 4Rs strategy to remove carbon sustainably and close the gap in accordance with TAP Road to Net Zero in 2040.

Brew a better world

Brew a better world