Brew a Better World

Sustainability is one TAP's main focus areas. Our operations contribute to “Brewing a Better World” in its own unique way that is aligned with Heineken's® global sustainability strategy.

We promote integrity, transparency, and good practices in all that we do, including fair business practices, respect as well as human and labor rights, strict compliance with all relevant laws, and by treating every stakeholder equally.

Brewing a Better World

Our ambition is to Brew a Better World across the entire value chain, from Barley to Bar. We aim to use our global brands as a positive force for change, while managing our impacts to protect people and the planet.

We see sustainability as a driver for business success, and business as a positive force for change. To maximise our potential, we set ambitious commitments and aim to embed sustainability across our entire value chain, from Barley to Bar.

Value Chain

Our approach to sustainability covers the entire value chain ‘from Barley to Bar’. Our journey begins at the point the barley and hops are planted and it continues through to the point at which the consumer has enjoyed their beverage and disposed of the packaging. We carefully consider our impacts and how to improve sustainability every step of the way.

from Barley to Bar

Our Focus Areas

Our Brewing a Better World strategy focuses on the areas where we can make the biggest difference.

Brewing a Better World strategy

Every Drop: Protecting Water Resources

Water is the ultimate shared resource. As one of the world’s biggest brewers, we must use water wisely and ensure our suppliers do the same.

Our 2020 Commitments

Reduce water consumption in
our breweries
Significant water balancing in
water-stressed areas
Responsible discharge of
brewery effluent
Cut specific water consumption in our breweries to 3.5 hl/hl overall and 3.3 hl/hl in water-stressed areas by 2020. Redress the balance between the water we remove and the water that isn’t returned to the watershed. Treat all wastewater – in our own or third-party treatment plants – before it is discharged into surface water.

Drop the C: Reducing CO₂ Emissions

As a leading global company, we believe it’s our responsibility to reduce CO₂ emissions across the value chain, from Barley to Bar.

Our 2020 Commitments

40% lower emissions in
50% lower emissions of
our fridges
20% lower emissions from distribution in
Europe and the Americas
We’re cutting emissions by reducing losses, optimising equipment and using renewable energy. We provide 'green' fridges whenever a fridge needs replacing and test fridges against the HEINEKEN Energy Efficiency Index (HEEI) By reducing the distance of road transport, improving fuel efficiency and using more carbon-efficient vehicles.

Sourcing Sustainably

As pressure on the world’s resources grows, we want to guarantee a long-term, sustainable supply of raw materials while improving farmer’s livelihoods and raising supplier’s standards.

Our 2020 Commitments

At least 50% of our main raw
materials to come from
sustainable sources
Deliver 60% of agricultural raw
materials in Africa via
local sourcing within the continen
Ongoing compliance with our
Supplier Code Procedure
By sourcing sustainably, we improve farming practices and enable farmers to adopt better environmental and social standards. As a large buyer of crops, we can have a significant positive economic impact on local communities. Much of our impact lies with our suppliers, so we work with them to embed good practices across the value chain.

Responsible Consumption

Beer is a natural fermented drink that, when enjoyed in moderation, can be part of a balanced lifestyle. We’re committed to responsible consumption and use the power of the global Heineken® brand to make moderation cool.

Our 2020 Commitments

Make responsible
consumption cool
Build partnerships to
address alcohol abuse
Deliver global industry
commitments and
drive innovation
We want to use the strength of our global Heineken® brand to make moderate, responsible consumption aspirational. Our aim is to run a measurable partnership that addresses alcohol abuse in every market. We’ve signed the Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking which aim to contribute to the WHO target of over 10% reduction in the harmful use of alcohol by 2025

Promoting Health & Safety

Our peoples’ safety is everything and it requires constant effort. Our goal is simple: zero fatalities and ‘Safety First’ is our number one company behaviour.

Our 2020 Commitments

Implement Life
Saving Rules
Fewer accidents
All our operating companies must assess their performance against the12 Life Saving Rules and implement action plans to close the gaps. Accident frequency reduced by 20% compared to 2015

Growing with Communities

People around the world are now healthier, more educated and better connected than ever before. But while we have seen poverty decline dramatically in recent decades, millions of people still face inequalities that limit their potential

Our approach

Social and economic
Direct local
Shared-value projects
We’re pioneering ways to measure our economic and social impact in markets around the world. We seek long-term partnerships and encourage all our employees to get involved in their local communities. Our local sourcing initiatives in Africa and the Middle East are great examples of how we deliver shared value with communities.