Quality policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy Thai Asia Pacific Brewery

Thai Asia Pacific Brewery is totally committed to its quality policy, re-in forcing our clear vision to ensure that high quality products and services are supplied to meet and or exceed the needs and satisfaction of our customers and ensuring the compliance with Thai legal requirements and the policies of Heineken and ensuring food safety along the Food chain.

Our vision is to:

  1. Comply with customer needs and requirements;
  2. Increase customer confidence in our company;
  3. Improve our competitive position;
  4. Improve information for quality management;
  5. Facilitate ongoing improvement;
  6. Nurture a flexible team based learning organization capable of aspiring to a commitment of excellence.

Our quality and food safety objectives are:

  1. Meet and maintain customer satisfaction
  2. Produce beer with the highest quality and food safety standard
  3. Produce beer at the lowest costs within given standard
  4. Implement and maintain needed Quality Systems
  5. Promote ongoing people development
  6. Ensure high standards of safety, health and environment
  7. Comply with general principle of food hygiene (pre requisite program).
  8. Comply with Thai's laws and regulations regarding food safety for alcoholic beverage

The realizations of the Quality Objectives are measured with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and customer survey.

The Key Performance Indicators are communicated through Employee by respective Departmental Heads and Sectional Heads.

Our Quality Policy and Food safety is:

  • To produce products to meet standards and customer satisfaction through QUALITY
  • To produce products to achieve sales demand through QUANTITY
  • To produce products to achieve the targets through EFFICIENCY

As a Quality Policy slogan, Thai Asia Pacific Brewery has adopted the following logo to symbolize Safety of goods and continual improvement within a high performance organization.

Approved by Aupply Chain Director and Managing Director