Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy for Thai Asia Pacific Brewery

Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co., Ltd. is totally committed to its environmental policy to ensure that the business operations and all activities in manner within the brewery are friendly to the employees, nearby communities and environment.

Our Brewing a Better World strategy focuses on the areas where we can make the biggest difference through the following 6 focus areas;

1. Every Drop: Protecting Water Resources, 2. Drop the C: Reducing CO2 emissions, 3. Sourcing Sustainably, 4. Responsible Consumption, 5. Promoting Health and Safety, 6. Growing with communities



Our Environmental policy is;

  1. Control, reduce and prevent air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination, including waste and hazardous waste around the brewery.
  2. Conserve the natural resources through effective utilization.
  3. Comply with the prevailing laws and derived regulations regarding environment and do aware of consequences and obligations for not complying with those laws and regulations.
  4. Pursue continual improvement in our handling environmental issue.
  5. Communicate the environmental policy and documents to all employees and make available to public.
  6. Incorporate environment - friendly as part of corporate culture, norm, and mindset.

Our environmental objectives are related to;

1. Reduce water consumption, 2. Reduce electrical consumption, 3. Reduce thermal energy usage, 4. Reduce the total extract loss

The environmental targets will be set by top management every year.

The realizations of the Environmental Objectives are measured with Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The Key Performance Indicators are communicated through Employee by respective Departmental Heads and Sectional Heads.

Our Slogan for Environmental policy is: P2R

  • Pollution
  • Resource
  • Regulation

As an Environmental Policy slogan, Thai Asia Pacific Brewery has adopted the following logo to symbolize continual improvement within a high performance organization.

This policy is strictly implemented and understood in all levels within the company. Each and Every one are committed in TAP to implement this policy in their area of work.

Approved by Aupply Chain Director and Managing Director