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Heineken ® unveiling two Thai special agents: winners of “Heineken: Crack the Case”.

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World’s leading premium beer brand Heineken® wrapped up one of its greatest global campaigns of the year by unveiling the identities of two Thai special agents at “Heineken: Crack the Ultimate Case Party”. The party was a thrilling finale of “Heineken: Crack the Case” campaign launched earlier in October. The bravest and smartest special agents were selected, having accomplished a real-time mission that was part of the non-stop party that featured leading Thai artists, such as Yokee Playboy, Lookwa Pijika of DooBaDoo, Thailand’s only dance and electronica live band Mahajamreon, and DJ Roxy June, the Winner of Pioneer Pro DJ Lady Championship 2010.  

Heineken is always about inspiring people to open up their worldviews and experience the many different things life has to offer. “Heineken: Crack the Case” was the latest global campaign, in line with Heineken’s “OPEN YOUR WORLD” slogan. Launched in October, the campaign invited espionage hopefuls to undertake a special agent’s mission to crack a mysterious code in an online game. 

Since its launch in Thailand, “Heineken: Crack the Case” has been very well received. More than 3,500 aspiring agents around the country signed up through Heineken’s dedicated website and national roadshow to test their wits and intelligence. Only 500 made it to “Heineken: Crack the Ultimate Case Party” – of which the two sharpest-witted would be selected to experience the exclusive life of special agent in London, England. 

This last leg of the campaign pushed the wits of these secret agents to the limits. Observational and survival skills were tested to overcome obstacles live at the aptly titled “Heineken: Crack the Ultimate Case Party”.

The mission started off with “Power of Observation” that demanded highly perceptive senses in order to take oneself to the next attempt called “The Charmer”, a challenging task to charm Special Agent Girls, including both real and pretentious ones, to make them reveal their true identities. In the third challenge named “The Wittiness”, acumen of the secret agents was tested in tracking down the target and negotiating people to compete for the case against the villains, who were led by Beam Saranyoo Prachakit and X Piya Vimuktayon. Only four secret agents qualified for the last task, in which they had to unfasten themselves and proceeded to rescue two Special Agent Girls, Bee Namthip Jongrachatawiboon and Sarah Legge, who were held hostage in a laser cage.

The first two secret agents who exercised their sagacity to unlock the last briefcase and saved the two Special Agent Girls were Mr. Torsak Buadaeng and Mr. Nachai Romruen. As Thailand’s top agents who successfully completed the global mission, they will be rewarded with a trip to England in February 2013 to experience what it takes to live a life like a special agent, plus an exclusive opportunity to mingle with gorgeous new Bond actress Bérénice Marlohe there.

Besides the party, a mini concert raced the heartbeats in equal measures. Lookwa Pijika from the band DooBaDoo ignited the fun with her special brand of Soul and Mo Town infused pop, followed by the band Chalermraj, who provided the soundtracks for the night as agents tried to crack the ultimate case. Once the two winning agents emerged, the license to thrill was passed onto indie singer-songwriter Yokee Playboy. Keeping the action alive, Mahajamroen performed their dance and electronica numbers, before the night culminated in Thailand’s sexy DJ Roxy June, the Winner of Pioneer Pro DJ Lady Championship 2010.