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Tiger Shows its “Music and Arts Marketing” Trend Leader With “Tiger Translate 2013”

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Inviting the Young Generation To Discover and Develop Their Music and Arts Interests

Reinforcing its brand image under the concept of "The Pulse of the Asian Megacity"

  • Working with “GayRay” to create “Tiger Translate Presents Godung”, a hip music and arts festival with concerts throughout the year featuring new wave bands of both western and eastern cultures
  • Competing in “Tiger Translate Presents Godung” logo competition for chance to hang out in Australia

Bangkok- “Tiger” constantly showcases its identity as a unique Asian brand with the colorful concept of “Plug into the Pulse of the Asian Megacity” under a Music and Arts Marketing strategy. “Tiger Translate Presents Godung”, a new phenomenon in music and arts festival for the young generation with trendy artists and musicians will be held throughout the year under cooperation with “GayRay”. A competition for creativity for “Tiger Translate Presents Godung” is a logo competition which will find a winner to experience music and arts in Australia.

Ms. Pattapanee  Ekahitanond – Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer , TAP Trading Co., Ltd, an official distributor and marketing strategies planner for “Tiger Beer”, said thatTiger Beer’ has always participated in creating the phenomenon in the ‘Sports Marketing Platform’ and ‘Music and Arts Marketing Platform’. This year, we will escalate and enhance our brand uniqueness more specifically to attract young people in the Eastern hemisphere or Asian audiences to ‘Plug into the Pulse of the Asian Megacity’ relating to the dynamic culture of the Asian energy: the vivid and colorful lifestyles of urban city living that transcends normality. The Tiger Translate campaign has helped to generate awareness of the brand, retention and acceptance among young generations for the past 6 consecutive years.”

Tiger Translate is a way to exchange the culture of music and arts from Eastern world to the West and vice versa and it is a channel that offers the opportunity for young artists and musicians worldwide to express their creativity through the Tiger Translate Global Showcase which will be held in various megacities worldwide; Dublin, Beijing, London, Berlin, New York City, Sydney and Copenhagen. In  2013, Tiger and “GayRay” together intends to co-create a gigantic music phenomenon with Tiger Translate Presents Godung, a music and arts festival that seeks to present a new wave of bands with interesting sound yet easy to listen to along with critically acclaimed arts that appeal to Thai people. Each band presented is outstanding and matches with the “Tiger” brand including “The Vaccines”, a trending Brit Pop band who were recently nominated for Best British Live Act at the 2013 Brit Awards and “Primal Scream”, an alternative rock band who turned the UK’s music upside down with unique sound styles that was guaranteed by Mercury Music Prize. Famous local bands have also featured including The Yers, Getsunova, Hugo and Abuse the Youth from Thailand. The Tiger Translate presents Godung “Music Club” is held every month for the exclusive members of Godung to present to them the dynamic and different sound of Thai music.

Ms. Pattapanee continues “An activity for young minds who love to show their artistic talent will also be held with an art competition derived from Tiger Translate Presents Godung’s logo. The winner will find themselves continuing to discover and experience the next level of music and arts in Australia. The contest will be held in 2 rounds: For Professionals and for Amateurs. Well-known Thai street artists have been invited to be the judges including Mr.Pharuephon Mukdasanit of Tum MAMAFAKA, Thailand’s most respected street artist and Sun-Tur Mr. Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul, a rising star in illustration.”

“For public relations strategies, ‘Tiger’ aims to generate a long-term relationship with the young generation with an independent and self-confident lifestyle which is our prime target group.  A digital channel to quickly, directly and effectively communicate to this group of people is important for us to tap into, as we constantly want to have a conversation with our consumers. We expect that our Tiger Translate Presents Godung will be greatly welcomed by the young and artistic minds of today” Ms. Pattapanee ends.

Prepare yourself for the newest experience in the world of music in the second Tiger Translate Presents Godung - Primal Scream Live in Bangkok concert on the 10th of May at Central World Live on the 8th floor of Central World Plaza. Tickets are available now at every Thai Ticket Major nationwide for 1,800 Baht. Get an Early Bird Promotion by the end of this March for only 1,500 Baht per ticket (Exclusively for people at 20 years of age and above). For other exciting activities throughout the year, please visit or

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