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Heineken® to deliver world-class experience of football through "HEINEKEN’s ROAD TO THE FINAL" campaign

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The new global campaign is in search of "Man of the World" to join an exclusive trip and get thrilled with every second of the UEFA Champions League final in England

World's leading premium beer brand Heineken® is showing supremacy once again by announcing its global campaign "HEINEKEN ROAD TO THE FINAL" that challenges Thai football fans to prove their acumen and instinct of "Man of the World" and vie for the chance to fly all the way to England for an ultimate football experience in an exclusive trip to witness the globally awaited UEFA Champions League final at Wembley Stadium.

Mr. Andrew Lamont, General Manager of TAP Trading Co., Ltd., the Thai distributor and marketer of Heineken® said: "Heineken® always strives to create added values and expand the popularity of the brand through a number of exciting campaigns, in line with our brand slogan that inspires people to "OPEN YOUR WORLD". Our newest global campaign "HEINEKEN ROAD TO THE FINAL" underlines the standpoint of our brand and urges individuals to discover the "Man of the World" qualities within them. While our sports marketing serves as a platform on which we embrace excitement of sports, this new campaign integrates enthusiasm and hype around this year’s UEFA Champions League. The partnership between Heineken and the UEFA Champions League is a long-standing and successful one. Together, we deliver a world-class experience of the best matches to more than 150 million viewers in 230 countries across the world."

HEINEKEN ROAD TO THE FINAL is open to fans of UEFA Champions League in Thailand to prove their ability and win an exclusive trip to England for the final match at Wembley Stadium, a dream match that football fans all over the world want to see and be part of its live ambience and full-scale experience. The prize is a superb packaged tour for only two winners, who can look forward to the ultimate experience of the Final and be thrilled with every second of the game, every move of the players and every chance to score, all on top of many other exclusive privileges to be granted by Heineken throughout the trip.

The campaign integrates both online and offline activities. Its participants will CHECK IN FOR THE FINAL SEAT and look for clues from QR codes to be found in a variety of media, including posters, magazines, outdoor ambients and web banners, as well as Heineken outlets and product presenters there. They will scan the code and use their keen judgment to pick the right seat in Wembley Stadium, and the two persons who do it right will win the two tickets to Wembley under this campaign.

Interested participants can CHECK IN FOR THE FINAL SEAT on or through an on-ground activity that will travel to Heineken’s outlets in various locations, such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phuket, Chonburi and many more starting today.

For further information, please contact: Verve
Sujanya Sethanandha (Kathy) Tel: 0-2204-8229, 085-115-3354
Prasit Kritsadaariyachon (Bob) Tel. 0-2204-8216, 08-1586-2813