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Tiger Launches “Tiger Chinese New Year 2021” Campaign

Tiger Chinese New Year 2021

Tiger, Asia’s leading beer brand, emphasizes its Asian identity, celebrating Chinese New Year with the launch of “Tiger Chinese New Year 2021” campaign. Thailand’s first limited-edition packaging and Ang Bao design for the Chinese New Year occasion. A unique creative work of art that combined the elements and senses of the lunar festive season, such as fan, lantern, firecrackers, and the tiger pattern. Tiger is proud to wish everyone a prosperous new year and create a new initiative among the new generation throughout the month of February.

Ms. Patcharachanok Sil-Udom, Tiger and Cheers Marketing Manager said “Tiger continues reinforcing the Brand DNA of encouraging the new generation to uncage their own identities. We want to emphasize that our backgrounds and identities are something to be proud of. Tiger has always proud to be born in Singapore and identify with truly being an Asian brand. We want to communicate our heritage and differentiation with the ‘Tiger Chinese New Year 2021’ campaign that will relate well with our drinkers who now are more globalized than ever. This campaign offers limited-edition packaging that exhibits the distinct Asian identity.

The Tiger Chinese New Year packaging showcases the colors reflecting Chinese cultural beliefs that symbolize auspiciousness or good luck, such as Gold, the color of wealth, abundance, freshness, and joy; Red, the color of good luck and happiness; and Blue, bringing it back to the Tiger brand."

“During the Chinese New Year season, the tradition of the Ang Bao (red envelope) is very significant. So, we decided to uncage the Tiger limited edition design with the Ang Bao. This is our gift as Asia’s leading brand to our drinkers who are looking for an uncaged gift to surprise during this upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. On this special occasion, Tiger would like to wish everyone a happy new year and stay tuned for the for Year of the Tiger next year!” Patcharachanok added.

Do not miss! Tiger fans be ready and uncage with the 'Tiger Chinese New Year 2021' campaign. Celebrate and uncage with the limited-edition Ang Bao throughout February 2021, at leading retail stores nationwide. Check out for updates at Tiger Beer Facebook page. (

Tiger Chinese New Year 2021