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First event of the world-class music and dance sensation in Thailand was a full blast of fun by all senses with a spectacle of light and sound along with magnificent shows in the ocean of white

Bangkok – Heineken today gave Thailand its first SENSATION, the world-class music phenomenon that turned IMPACT Arena into a gigantic dance floor in “THE OCEAN OF WHITE” theme. More than 10,000 clubbers in white immersed themselves in the imaginative world of music blessed with state-of-the-art production. All their senses were animated by an extravaganza of light and sound and magnificent stage shows while four internationally-renowned DJs filled the arena with their beats of dance music. Among many highlights of the eight-hour spectacle was when Mr. White, an icon of SENSATION, took on the deck to give the audience his distinctive style of remixes.

Mr. Andrew Lamont, Commercial Director at Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co., Ltd., the producer and distributor of Heineken, said: “By presenting SENSATION: THE OCEAN OF WHITE, Heineken is revitalizing the local scene of music events with another phenomenon that opens up a totally new experience to those craving for something truly original and sensational. This spectacular music event commenced in the Netherlands and later become a sensation enjoyed by millions of people in more than 20 other countries across the world, including Europe and the Americas. Thailand is one of the only three destinations in its first visit to Asia this time, which makes Thailand the second in Asia, after only South Korea, to experience SENSATION before it moves on to Taiwan. All the 10,000 tickets available for the Thai event were sold out more than a month ahead of event date, and not to mention the interest of party animals from other countries across Asia to join the happening in Thailand. This is truly a major music phenomenon that mirrors electronic music and dance as the up-and-coming culture of young and trendy Asians.”


THE OCEAN OF WHITE theme made this SENSATION a unique event with its dashing combination of music, stage shows, light and sound, and superb production. It married cutting-edge technologies and motion graphics with dazzling electronic music from a lineup of internationally-renowned DJs led by Mr. White, an iconic personality of SESATION. He was joined by Riva Starr, a DJ with signature “Snatch” style of remixes, Fedde le Grand, who was widely acclaimed as one of the world’s top 100 DJs, The Man With No Shadow, who was named one of “Holland’s Most Wanted Technojocks”, and Deniz Koyu, an electronic dance music artist to watch in 2012 according to MTV magazine. Together, they gave their audience an eight-hour spectacle of music on a special stage that provided a 360-degree view of all the actions.

At the climax of the Thai event called The Mix, the audience was taken on a musical trip through history with a non-stop compilation of old and new classics accompanied by a spectacular show along with fireworks and musical fountain display. This moment was also when the public was the stars, playing with huge balloons that changed their colours every time they were touched, as well as the coloured spotlights thrown on the crowd who eagerly followed the event’s motto “Be part of the night – dress in white”. Together, all these elements created a phenomenon that set SENSATION apart from all other dance events.

“To make this music phenomenon even more meaningful, Heineken is presenting this world-class music event with an idea to paint happiness and smiles to the Thai society at large, Sensation would donate 5,000 EUR or about 200,000 THB of ticket proceeds for SENSATION: THE OCEAN OF WHITE in Bangkok will go to Dance4Life, a charitable organisation  with a mission to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by inspiring young people in Asia and Africa to spend their pastime constructively in dancing,” added Mr. Lamont.

Those who didn’t make it to SENSATION: THE OCEAN OF WHITE in Thailand can still have a direct experience of another Asian SENSATION in Taiwan on 29 September 2012, or enjoy a recap of the fun at SENSATION in Thailand on and