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Heineken® challenges Thais to assume special agent’s role and take secret mission to ‘Crack the Case

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Unprecedented campaign in Thailand sets forth global mission, in search of top secret agents from Thailand to gain exclusive experience of secret agent’s life in England 

World’s leading premium beer brand Heineken® officially rolled out its global campaign ‘Crack the Case’ in Thailand today to create a thrill and involvement of Thai people in the new James Bond adventure, SKYFALL. The new campaign will evoke public instinct and challenge them to test their nerve as a secret agent. It will put participants through their paces in a pursuit that will lead them to ‘Crack the Case’ and qualify for an unprecedented party of the year. This exclusive party will be in search of the Thai winners who will be awarded an extraordinary experience of leading a James Bond’s life in England.

Mr. Andrew Lamont, Commercial Director at TAP Trading Co., Ltd., the Thai distributor and marketer of Heineken® said: “Heineken® always strives to create added values and expand the popularity of the brand through a number of exciting campaigns. This year we are taking movie experience to new heights, in line with our brand slogan that inspire people to ‘OPEN YOUR WORLD’. Based on the nature of James Bond, a character with sagacity, confidence and boldness to take new challenges, we have created our global campaign ‘Crack the Case’ that urges people across the world to test their finesse as a secret agent on because the qualities of James Bond coincide perfectly with the brand character of Heineken®.”

‘Crack the Case’ campaign invites people around the world to open up their personalized interactive experience on Heineken® website, in which they will undertake a secret agent’s mission to crack a mysterious code in an online game called ‘Crack the Case’. This virtual excitement recreates the setting and scenarios of a chase by villains and also features appearance of current Bond actor Daniel Craig. Gorgeous new Bond actress Bérénice Marlohe will invite participants to jointly fight off Bond villains and help her ‘Crack the Case’ on board a train as it embarks on a voyage through a spectacular vista of snowy mountains.

To join the search for top secret agents from Thailand under ‘Crack the Case’ campaign, participants will be put through a series of gruelling tests in ‘Crack the Case’ game on Once participants identify themselves, they will be assigned the first task to find a mysterious briefcase that has been hidden on the train. After completion of the first assignment, the next will be given by Bérénice Marlohe to crack a four-digit code within 60 seconds. Only those who complete both stages of this secret mission will get a unique code that entitles them to an exclusive party, during which only two top secret agents from Thailand will be determined. They will be awarded an extraordinary experience of leading a secret agent’s life in England.

In addition to a number of activities and shows, the official launch of ‘Crack the Case’ campaign set about a special mission undertaken by two celebrated actresses—Bee Namthip Jongrachatawiboon and Sara Legge—who both assume the role of ‘Special Agent Girls’ to pass on the secret mission to Thai people. To take on the global mission to ‘Crack the Case’, visit or join Crack the Case offline activities that will take turn to visit various locations from today onwards, including Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima and Phuket.